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Fights at school have been happening for as long as kids have been going to school. Additionally, minors have been getting hurt since the beginning of time. So, what do you do if your kid gets hurt at school? Then you can hire a good personal injury lawyer to help you win your case in court.

Your personal injury Lawyers in Garden Grove will tell you that California’s law regarding injuries to minors stipulates that all negotiations concerning settlements must be honored regardless of the settlement size! You and your lawyer must obtain court approval for the settlement (this is the only way you will actually receive any money) by filing a Minor’s compromise petition. The parents or legal guardians of the minor file this petition. The Minor’s compromise includes:

● A description of the incident, the claim, and all injuries
● All relevant medical reports
● Settlement amount and terms
● A numerical list and amount of all costs and expenses related to the injury that the settlement money will pay for
● Descriptions of the ways in which the settlement money will be managed.

The hearing

Once your personal injury lawyer has filed the petition, the two of you will go to court for a hearing. You need to attend the hearing to have your settlement and its amount approved. If your kid files an expedited minor’s compromise, no one needs to show up for court hearings. The judge will approve the settlement amount if he or she can be assured that the requested amount is sufficient to cover the minor’s suffering and the cost of returning him or her to physical restitution.

Because the court must ensure that the settlement money will be used for purposes related to the injuries until the minor is 18, the judge will generally request that the money be placed in a blocked bank account. Only the courts can approve the withdrawal of money from this account through a court order. The judge will also decide how the remaining amount of money is to be given to the minor and how it must be spent.

Minor’s share

The judge will generally order the remaining money (what’s left after all expenses and fees have been paid) to be deposited into a blocked bank account to benefit the minor after he or she turns 18.

Guardian ad litem

This person is generally the minor’s biological parent. The Guardian ad litem has the right to make decisions on behalf of the minor regarding the money in the blocked account until the minor turns 18. The minor can sue both parties for his or her injuries when he or she turns 18 if neither party is able to agree to a settlement until then. You can indeed get justice for your minor child provided you hire a good personal injury lawyer.