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Sometimes, when 2 drivers see the results of a fender bender, one driver suggests not notifying the insurance company. Is that good advice? What about contacting the police?

Rules on reporting to members of the law enforcement community

In a large number of states, drivers involved in an accident must report that incident to police, if anyone has been injured. In some states, drivers are expected to contact the police if a collision has caused a level of damage that exceeds $1,000 to $2500.

Even if no one calls the police, the involved drivers do have to exchange information. Each driver should be provided with the other driver’s name, address and phone number, as well as the name for that same individual’s insurance company.

Sometimes, as personal injury lawyer in Colton knows that disputes might arise during that exchange of information. If that happens, then it makes sense to make that call to the police that had not seemed necessary, earlier. There is always the chance that an irritated driver might take-off, before the police can be called. If that same driver were to deny the fact that the collision had taken place, then only an accident report could expose the lack of veracity in the driver’s denial. How could someone get an accident report in the absence of any member of the law enforcement community?

Some convenience stores and gas stations carry the forms that can be used for reporting an accident. The driver that remained at the scene of the collision would need to look for such a form, and, of course, fill it out. Naturally, it would also make sense to snap pictures of any damage, and pictures of the accident site.

Rules on submitting a report to the insurance company

It never pays to go along with anyone that suggests not reporting the accident. There might be damage that goes unnoticed at the scene of a fender-bender, but which shows up later. Similarly, the other driver might develop the symptoms that indicate the presence of an injury. In either case, the insurance company would learn about the accident.

Moreover, the other driver might have a medical condition that could have been aggravated by the collision. A female driver might have discovered that she is pregnant. Those would be other reasons for ignoring the suggestion about not contacting the insurance company.

There is one situation that can result in damage to an automobile, but one that can go unreported. That would be a situation in which a driver somehow manages to damage his or her own car, and the whole incident gets played out on the same driver’s own property. That should eliminate chances for damage to someone else’s property.