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Temporary total disability, or TTD, is a type of benefit that an employee who has been injured can possibly be entitled for. With workers compensation laws in effect in every state, the benefits that are to be awarded to an employee following an on-the-job injury can be difficult to sort through before benefits actually start.

Benefits for an on-the-job injury can depend widely on the circumstance in which the injury occurred. When an injury happens, an insurance company will be notified by the company. Someone will come in and begin their investigation into the accident

Eligibility for the Payment

When someone has been injured, before payment can begin, there are a few factors that will play into part. First, how long as that employee been working for the company. The next thing to consider is who will be the primary doctor that is evaluating the injured party and who is treating them. The primary doctor may be someone that the employer hires to handle these cases for them.

Duration for the temporary disability benefits

TTD payments are not something that is available for long term. They will eventually come to a culmination. The payments will stop once a physician comes to the conclusion that the maximum medical improvement has been reached. If at that time, the employee cannot return to their previous health status, they may begin to receive partial disability benefits.

Amount Calculation

To determine the TTD payment, the employer will most likely take the employees pay when they got injured, and provide them with two-thirds of that. It’s important that the employee do their own calculations in order to determine that the amount provided is accurate. Sometimes, certain sources of a person’s income will be left out of the calculations, especially if the employer is providing a percentage of housing and vehicle allowance.

If you have been injured on the job, the first thing you want to do is to hire a personal injury lawyer in Colton who will handle your case. They will help you to determine if you are eligible for TTD benefits and oversee the process if you are. It’s important that you keep financially stable during this process otherwise, you may lose focus on what really matters. Your lawyer will help you do that.

The workers compensation system is there to help when things go wrong. There are many different aspects of this type of benefit and your lawyer will be familiar with it for your state. When an accident occurs, go to your doctor and then call a lawyer. It’s important that you have representation from the beginning so you can concentrate on what matters the most – getting better.