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A personal injury lawyer faces a real challenge, if that lawyer’s client has sustained a soft tissue injury. Insurance companies make it hard for someone that has suffered such an injury to obtain a fair compensation.

The body’s soft tissues aid the creation of movement.

A listing of the soft tissues would include all of the body’s tendons, ligaments and muscles. When that sort of tissue gets damaged, the affected victim can endure great pain, each time that he or she tries to move the damaged body part.

Legal issues that get raised when a lawyer’s client has sustained a soft tissue injury

The insurance company goes after information in the client’s medical records. If it learns about a previous injury, the insurer might claim that the accident only aggravated an old injury. Alternatively, the insurance company might claim that the injured party should have been wearing some sort of protective device. The possible presentation of such an argument underscores each client’s need for a personal injury lawyer in Garden Grove that has connections with members of the medical community.

The best connections are those that help a lawyer to gain access to experts in a field that relates to a given client’s medical problem. The right experts should be able to question the veracity of a claim that has called for utilization of an imagined protective device.

The significance of the issues that might be introduced by the insurance company

Those are the sorts of challenges that can slow the rate of negotiations. Sometimes, the existence of a given issue can force a plaintiff to face the opposing party in a courtroom.

If a plaintiff needs to depend on a lawyer’s knowledge and skills during a trial, then that same plaintiff’s lawyer should have some trial experience. That is why any potential client needs to ask a consulted attorney about the extent of his or her trial experience.

Some lawyers accept a proposed settlement, because they do not want to represent their client in a courtroom setting. Unfortunately, the acceptance of such a settlement normally deprives the client of all the money that he or she might have won, if the case had gone to trial.

Soft tissue injuries and MMI

MMI stands for maximum medical improvement. Lawyers always urge their clients to refuse any offer from the insurance company until they have attained to the level of MMI. Yet the symptoms of a soft tissue injury could appear far later than those associated with other types of physical damage. An insurance company might take advantage of a plaintiff with slow-appearing symptoms. It might urge that same client to settle, while knowing that there exists some chance for the client’s injury to worsen.