Orthopedic Injuries Attorney in Garden Grove, Arcadia, Rosemead, and Colton

When we hear about orthopedic injuries, we most often think of broken bones and fractures. But orthopedic injuries are those affecting all the parts of the musculoskeletal system including joints, muscles, and nerves. Unfortunately, injuries to the musculoskeletal system can have life-altering effects on the daily life of a sufferer.

What Are Orthopedic Injuries?

Accidents such as motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, dangerous products, or others can result in severe orthopedic injuries leaving the victim with extensive medical costs and the inability to work. Often these accidents are the result of the negligence of another.

If you have suffered an orthopedic injury in an accident, call the experienced California personal injury lawyers at Braff Law Professional Corporation. We have represented victims of orthopedic injuries in Garden Grove, Arcadia, Rosemead, and Colton for decades and have ensured their legal rights to compensation for their injuries.

Common orthopedic injuries caused by accidents are :

  • Fractures — a sudden impact may result in broken bones and stress fractures. These may require surgery and rehabilitation, can take weeks or months to heal, and can ultimately hinder mobility. Sometimes fractures can result in permanent disabilities or impairments.
  • Strains and sprains — the overstretching of ligaments around joints can result in pain and limited mobility. Although these tend to heal over time, they can affect a victim’s ability to work.
  • Joint damage or nerve pressure — joint pain can limit mobility, particularly at the major joints in ankles, knees, and wrists. Multiple therapies may be required to deal with joint damage and to reduce inflammation.
  • Spinal damage — accidents can cause injuries to the back and spinal cord, resulting in catastrophic injuries and even paralysis.

Recovery Depends on Multiple Variables

Recovery from an orthopedic injury can vary depending on the age, health, and gender of the victim and the severity of the injury. It can also be dependent on the care that a victim gets and how quickly they get it. An orthopedic injury can lead to chronic pain or lead to complications in the future. These things must all be considered in an orthopedic injury claim. Negotiating with insurance companies can be fraught with complexities. This is when an injury victim needs the advice and support of a professional personal injury lawyer.

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