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Only occasionally, does a parking lot post signage that makes it clear which drivers have the right-of-way. Regardless of that fact, a smart driver takes the time to learn about the general rules that do apply to a parking lot situation.

General rules on the right-of-way

Normally, vehicles traveling in a through lane have the right-of-way. For that reason, a driver approaching such a lane is expected to yield to any vehicle in that same space. Some lots contain “Stop” or “Yield” signs. When that is the case, then anyone hoping to park in such a lot must respect the directions on those particular signs.

Guidelines on backing up in a parking lot

Every driver should make a point of checking to see what is to the rear of the vehicle, before backing up. If one driver has started to back-up, the other driver should wait, before moving his or her vehicle. If 2 vehicles back-up simultaneously and then collide, it becomes difficult to determine who should be held responsible for the resulting damage. No driver should try making that task easier by saying that he or she was at-fault.

If an older and more experienced driver backs into a teenager that recently got a license, it becomes easy to point a finger at the younger driver. That may be a good way to create problems for the teenager’s parents. Still, there is a chance that the same parents might discover the trick that forced them to pay a higher insurance premium.

Due to the frequency with which 2 vehicles back into each other on a parking lot, a parent of the teen that got blamed for one accident might be involved in one that is eerily similar. Only, this seeming repeat of the earlier accident would involve 2 older drivers.

Both adult drivers would know enough to stay-clear of admitting blame. In fact, neither of them would expect the other driver to assume fault, at the scene of the accident. Yet that would not keep either driver from sharing all the details with his or her own insurance company.

The insurance company would need to sort through all those details. It is impossible to predict what the company’s decision might be. Maybe it would declare each driver partly responsible, according to personal injury lawyer in Garden Grove.

Regardless of the company’s decision, the situation would certainly force a recollection of the teenager’s predicament. Forced to review the circumstances surrounding that earlier incident, the parents might feel compelled to apologize. Especially if they had punished or scolded the poor teenager that got pushed to admit blame, when he or she had no reason to assume that the older driver had made a justified and verifiable accusation.