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Studies have shown that roughly 1/3 of the fatalities reported to have occurred at a construction site resulted from an unexpected fall. Site supervisors must work harder to prevent such tragic incidents.

One possible tactic:

Be sure that workers’ safety is on the minds of all those who take part in planning a future job. That means determining what safety equipment should be ordered before the operation gets under way.

That order might include a request for ladders, scaffolds or other safety gear. Thought should be given to how far off the ground any worker might be at any given time. If someone working on the construction site must stand on a surface that is more than 6 feet off the ground, then there should be a ladder or scaffold at that same location.

Another approach

Make training on safety issues an overall part of any program that is aimed at completion of a construction project. Make certain that the workers understand how to use the safety equipment. Also review the basics of spotting a co-worker on a construction site. This general approach promises good results, if combined with the first of the 2 strategies described below.

Tested and proven strategies

If workers have been provided with some printed literature, or an opportunity to view posters, then the person in charge might want to create a sort of competition. Each small crew could be a different team. The teams could compete against each other. Each team might get a list of questions, shortly before the contest had been scheduled. Then the crews could be asked to answer those same questions. The winning crew should be given some reward.

Another method for preventing falls focuses on helping the body to do a better job of maintaining good balance. There are some exercises that help with development of better balance. Any of those exercises could be incorporated into a daily exercise routine.

Not all the exercises would need to improve the workers’ balance. There are some that can help prevent development of disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Personal injury lawyer in Rosemead knows that no employer wants to hear that an employee has developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

One method from treating that particular condition calls for wearing a wrist band. If someone tried wearing such a band, while on a construction site, then that might increase the chances for a fall. It would be harder to grab a bar or other firm and solid objects, if you were wearing a wrist band. Once those in charge appreciate the benefits of attention to fall prevention, then more thought and effort will be given to the most useful tactics. That should lead to a reduction in falls.