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The letters TDD stand for Temporary Total Disability. When an employee has qualified for TDD status, a portion of that same employee’s salary gets paid to the injured worker, while he or she is covering from that particular injury.

Studies have shown that roughly 1/3 of the fatalities reported to have occurred at a construction site resulted from an unexpected fall. Site supervisors must work harder to prevent such tragic incidents.

The mere fact that a policy holder has paid an insurance company to cover any damages to his or her vehicle does not guarantee the policy holder’s possession of a full understanding of the process for submitting a claim for damage. Actually, there is no one single process that gets used by all the car…

The person that submits a personal injury claim feels that someone else’s negligence has caused that accident victim’s injury. Still, it is not always easy to prove that a given person has been negligent, or that he or she was more negligent that others at the accident scene.